CrossPress is the wordpress-plugin which automatically, cross-posting to associated site/blog to enabling the post-via-email option with PIN code e.g.,,, wordpress-base site and much more.


  • Immediately, crossposting to target sites when publishing a new post.
  • Multiple sites support.
  • Append signature for each post.
  • Support content-type:text/html
  • Unicode support (UTF8)
  • Post only summary text.


What is PIN code

There are lots of website or blog support the posting via email. If the service is over there, the PIN code will be provided. You can use the PIN code as an email address. When you  send a post content to, then the website or blog will publish the post as soon as it got you email. The following item are the sample of PIN code.

  1. ->
  2. ->
  3. ->


1. Unzip “crosspress” archive and put all files into your “plugins” folder (/wp-content/plugins/) or to create a sub directory into the plugins folder (recommanded), like
2. Activate the plugin
3. Inside the WordPress admin, go to Settings > CrossPress, enter the secret PIN(s) and signature, the save them.
4. Now CrossPress will automatically publish a post content across the associated site each time you have a new post in wordpress.


Initially, there are two options must be edited before CrossPress is funtional.

  1. Secret PIN:
    Site PIN code (email) that is enable you to cross-post to your associated site/blog via email. Each entry separated by new line.
  2. Signature : (optional)
    You can put a signature here as desire. The text URL will be converted to click-able URL automatically.



  • Version 0.3 – 15-09-2008
    – Verify the package works against wordpress v2.8.x
  • Version 0.2 – 17-10-2008
    – Post only summary text.
    – Fixed some option value cannot be committed to database.
    – Don’t crosspost twice in case of edit the posted page.
  • Version 0.1 – 14-12-2008
    Initial release.
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  1. Can I insert my post link in signature ?

    Thank you very much for the answer…

  2. Hello Every body ,

    We are new here.
    Glad to pay you here.
    I want to share with and study almost everyone.
    A big heads up advanced.

  3. This is a really useful plugin. Thanks!!

    Is it possible to send tags as well?

  4. Hi…I am using WP ver.3.1.1 but after installing the plugin I don’t get any settings option where I can insert the PIN / Email

  5. Robbie – in that version of WP, you have to go to the main Settings section and in there there will be another section for CrossPress

  6. Плагины для Wordpress | Rlmf - pingback on August 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm
  7. efficient & easy to use

  8. very good, but is send no to the blogger-blog =(

  9. ok i give up -.- I sent no return / line break

  10. There’s a patch needed to make it send linebreaks to blogger, you need to get it to create HTML properly. The plugin uses $post->post_content which is the raw content stored in the WP database – these have newline (\n) chars which are no good on HTML.

    Line 133 of crosspress.php needs changing to:

    $msg = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $post->post_content);

    Which will call all the nice filters that the template manager uses to generate the HTML normally but so that it can be sent in an email.

    Please can you patch the source and re-upload to the plugin repository.

    We could do with a ‘re-publish post’ option adding to the edit post screen.

  11. then how are we gonna insert it? its the same for me, it cannot be posted to blogger.

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  15. Thank you! Work so well

  16. I’ve just installed it with WordPress 3.4.1. and it’s crossposting to Blogger.

    I used James patch (thanks) to correct line breaks. And it worked. Now I just have to figure a way to send the featured image along with the text…

    Should this be updated in repository? It’s no longer listing (due to oldage, I guess).

  17. Added the following for crossposting to

    //add tags and categories using shortcodes for
    if (strpos($to,’’) !== false) {
    $tags = “[tag “.get_the_tag_list(”, ‘, ‘,”).”]”;

    $cats = “[category “.get_the_category_list(”, ‘, ‘,”).”]”;
    $msg .= $tags;
    $msg .= $cats;

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